What is a Luxury Mobile Home?

In recent years a distinction has been made between what’s thought of as traditional, or basic, mobile homes and what are considered “luxury” mobile homes.

So, what is a luxury mobile home? It is a mobile home that includes higher-end features and finishes more typically found in traditional site-built homes.

As we go through what some of those finishes are, it’s important to keep in mind that “luxury”, by definition, means “excess”. Luxury items are items that may be nice to have but aren’t necessary and do raise the overall cost of a home.

Living room with large window on the left and two couches in front of the window. Coffee table in the center of the room with flowers and a decorative bowl of apples. Giant wooden and steel clock is on the same wall as the window.

Tape and Texture

One of the most expensive luxury features in a luxury mobile home are tape and texture finished walls. The standard wall finish in mobile homes are VOG (vinyl-over-gypsum) wall panels with battens installed to cover the seams.

Tape and texture finished walls require more materials and labor and therefore add thousands on to the price of a home.

While tape and texture results in a seamless finish, it is also a job that can be accomplished later should a new home buyer find they would rather save money upfront than have the tape and texture finish straight from the home manufacturer.   

Kitchen with marble countertops, and a modern stainless steel sink and white cabinets. Wooden floors add a nice touch to the new all black appliances and a large window is right behind the sink letting in natural lighting.

Luxury Kitchen and Bath Accessories

Most luxury items on a home buyer’s wish list are found in the kitchen and bathroom. Luxury items in these areas might include stainless steel appliances, over-the-range microwave, farmhouse sink, free standing soaker tub, and tiled showers.

These wish list items are mostly cosmetic. They may upgrade the look and feel of the rooms, but don’t enhance much in the way of function. Still, cosmetic details are important, so it’s crucial to weigh extra cost of these luxury features with long term affordability of the home.

Kitchen view with brand new black appliances, kitchen island is made of a grey wood and modern stools are located underneath. White cabinets are in the back of the island above a kitchen sink and stove. A microwave is built inside the cabinets, and two modern light fixtures hang over the island.

Up-Flow air vents

Another sought after feature in mobile homes is that of “up flow” air vents, better known as ceiling vents.

The standard in mobile homes is to have vents and ducting installed in the floor. While the idea of floor vents may be foreign to those new to mobile homes, they offer easy access from underneath the home for maintenance and repairs.

 The drawback with floor vents can be the limitations on furniture placement, and, if you have small children, their tendency to have fun dropping things into the vent (this second problem is one easily remedied with the use of vent screens).

Floor vents, however, are one luxury feature not easily exchangeable later as a homeowner.

Should I Buy a Luxury Mobile Home?

The choice between luxury and standard features in a mobile home are essentially a choice on budget. If a luxury mobile home is maxing out your budget, then opting for standard or basic features and upgrading as funds become available is plain good sense.

However, if your budget allows, making a purchase with luxury upgrades already included saves the extra time and logistics of installing upgrades later.