The Benefits of a Tru Homes Home

It does not take long working with Tru Homes to understand why they are the most popular home sold in Texas. See why we love Tru Homes below!

The Braustin Best Price Guarantee could bring you $500.00!

If you find a better price out there on a matching model we carry, ask them to put in writing and give you their card. Prove us wrong and we’ll match that price PLUS throw in a $500 gift card as our way of saying thank you for helping us be the most price competitive manufactured home dealer in South Texas.

The Advantages of Owning a Tru Home

Tru Homes (formerly TruMH), part of the Clayton Home Building Group, have been around for several years now, and they are getting better every year at delivering value to the manufactured housing industry. Tru Homes are our favorite mobile homes (okay, technically they are “manufactured homes” but we still call them mobile homes).
Tru Homes are built to the exact same HUD standards other manufactured homes use so you know they have:

  1. Strength
  2. Durability
  3. Fire Resistance
  4. Energy Efficiency
  5. Quality

Tru Homes can be built Energy Star compliant – This is great because energy star homes save lots of money in utility bills compared to similar homes.

Tru Homes are Less Stressful to buy – Tru has made the home buying process easier and less stressful by simplifying the options on the home.

Tru Homes are Less Expensive – Coming in as the least expensive home compared to similar sized manufactured homes by Clayton, they are the best value on the market.

Why are Tru Homes Such a Great Value?

We are glad you asked, and the answer might surprise you. Tru Homes is part of the Clayton Home Building Group and we feel these homes are the greatest value for the dollar spent. While the price range is the lowest in the Clayton line-up, it would be a huge mistake to call these homes “cheap.” The building materials are mostly the same and the company is owned by the same people, so we first need to explain why Tru Homes are less per square foot than anything else Clayton offers.

So why can you buy a Tru Home at such a great price?

  1. Volume Pricing – So many homes sold gives Tru Homes buying power that few companies have. They can ensure they have the best price available on the raw materials needed to build your home.
  2. Factory Built – Tru Homes are built in a factory with equipment made just for building Tru Homes. Employees at Tru are specialized in their tasks so they are fast and accurate. Quality is built into the processes with little opportunity for mistakes. That all adds up to mean Tru can build homes with speed and quality. High Speed and Quality decrease how much it costs to build a home.
  3. Most Popular Options Only – Tru Homes gets even more speed and quality because they limit their options to only the most popular options. If you want a crazy custom home, Tru is not for you. If you are happy with what 90% of people like, then Tru Homes is likely a good fit for you. It is all those crazy custom options that slow down home building and create opportunities for mistakes, thus increasing costs.

Honestly, we often find that while people like the IDEA of a million different options, when they must MAKE a million decisions about their home they get stressed out and end up choosing the most popular options anyway.

Buying From Braustin Costs Less! Here’s Why:

We are glad you asked! There are a few reasons why we can charge less.

  • Low Overhead –We keep our costs low and pass the savings on to you.
  • We like integrity –We think giving a fair price is best for you and best for us.
  • Upfront Pricing –Since we put our prices online there are no games; we must give you our lowest price up front.Just check out our Braustin Best Price Guarantee.

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