Shivani Alur

Trinity University Student Brings Talent to Braustin

There’s a fresh face on the Braustin team and it’s about time we introduced her to everyone.

19-year-old Shivani Alur, a sophomore at Trinity University, is joining us this summer to contribute her diverse set of skills to a secret project we’ve been working on behind the scenes at Braustin.

Matched up with us through the Students + Startups program, a collaboration between Trinity University, Geekdom, and the 80/20 foundation, Shivani is able to offer her talents while gaining insight into what it takes to start, maintain, and expand a start-up, all while making an income of course.

Shivani was born and raised in Odessa, TX, her parents both with careers in different fields of the medical industry.

Throughout her years in school, Shivani was very active in extra-curricular activities, not only part of the Academic Decathalon, she also participated in tennis, studied piano, and played in the orchestra—a great indication of self-discipline and commitment.

Shivani Alur

“I went to school [in Odessa] for all the years except for one, where I went to India for a year,” Shivani says. “A lot of my family is there. I would go pretty often during the summers just to spend time with my family. It’s definitely neat to experience the culture first-hand.”

After high school, Shivani headed to San Antonio to begin her college education at Trinity where she majors in Finance.

“I chose Trinity because of its community feel and resources. When I sat in on a class and saw that there were only 9 students in it, I felt having that small class size and being able to interact with professors would be an enriching learning experience,” she says.

On top of tackling her first year of a rigid curriculum while acclimating to a new city, Shivani also got her first job as a telephone operator on the campus as well as became an instructor for a program called Saturday Morning Experience, teaching 1st-8th graders classes focused on the sciences and environment.

Now through with her freshman year, she has begun interning with Braustin, where she has been helping design and organize a new project we can’t give details on yet but will be announcing very soon.

At the same time, Shivani has been working on the more obscure side of business, analyzing data and statistics to aid in marketing and customer satisfaction.

“I knew very little about [the mobile home industry] so once I started in the role, it was really neat to see all the different things I would be able to experience and be a part of,” she says.

As Shivani has now been working with Braustin for a few weeks now, we wanted to know what has been most eye-opening in her experience.

 “I’ve really been able to learn a lot about what it takes to run a business in that you can run a business doing good for people and for your employees. And if you build it on strong values then you can reach success that way—you can have a for-profit company and still be making an impact in the community and changing people’s lives,” she says.

Shivani wants her education and experience with Braustin to be a springboard for a future goal of owning a company in management consulting to help other entrepreneurs make their own dreams a reality.

In closing, Shivani says, “I have already learned so much and Alberto has been like a mentor, helping me learn about not only the mobile home industry, but also entrepreneurship and business. I genuinely appreciate this opportunity.”

We’re glad to have you working with us, Shivani. Welcome to the team!