Ethan Diaz of Braustin Homes

Today we’re introducing another of our new team members. Some of you may have seen or met him at our Virtual Outpost in New Braunfels. His name is Ethan Diaz, and he’s the newest member of the Braustin sales team.

Ethan Diaz with his family
Ethan with his family

Ethan was born and raised in San Antonio, TX. The youngest of three siblings, with hardworking parents married over thirty years, Ethan speaks fondly of his childhood.

Ethan did well in school, playing basketball and some percussion, “I was a bit of a drummer,” he says, though he wouldn’t necessarily describe these hobbies as deep passions in life.

At about 13 years of age, he had the opportunity to travel to Europe for two and a half weeks, staying with host families as he explored different countries. “I definitely think that experience helped me to be more of an open-minded, accepting person,” he says.

Firefighter Ethan Diaz
Ethan used to work as a firefighter

At 15, Ethan got his first job at Incredible Pizza. “That was when minimum wage was six dollars and seventy-five cents,” he says, “I worked from about 3 or 4 in the afternoon to 9 at night, and all day Saturday and Sunday.

Instead of using the money to fund extracurriculars, Ethan’s parents helped him to purchase a car. “The majority of my money went to the car and gas and as a treat sometimes I would get Whataburger after my shift,” he says.

His part time job certainly gave him an eye-opening look at the difficulty of earning a living and a deeper respect for his hardworking parents. “The thing about my parents is they wake up 3:30 in the morning to go to work and they’ve been doing that for the last 35 years without complaint,” he says, “They’re really my heroes.”

Ethan Diaz in his fire fighting gear
Ethan in his firefighting gear

During his senior year, Ethan had decided he wanted to be a firefighter. “Right out of high school I went to the Fire Academy, and after that, the EMS Academy.”

After eight years as a firefighter, Ethan found he was ready to help people in a different way but wasn’t quite sure what his next move would be.

Ethan Diaz on a fire truck ladder
If you look closely, you will see Ethan at the top of this ladder!

“I worked at Sprint for a while and focused on school,” he says. “Eventually though, my buddy, John Wondra, mentioned there was a kiosk opening up for his company and I thought I should really apply for the job.”

Ethan was intrigued by Braustin and found he was interested in the position. After interviewing, however, co-founder Alberto Piña wanted him to learn more about the mobile home industry and eventually transition him onto the sales team.

Ethan Diaz, John Wondra, and friends
Do you see John Wondra standing next to Ethan? Yup, it is “John’s fault” Ethan is working with us!

“If you would have told me six or seven months ago that I would be working in the mobile home industry, helping families get into homes, I would have called you crazy,” Ethan says, “I was so surprised by this huge need for affordable housing.”

Ethan has officially been unleashed on the phones and is actively beginning to help families become homeowners at Braustin.

“I’m super proud to be a part of this company and feel honored at being trusted to help people with this huge decision in their life.”

Ethan Diaz at a concert
Here is Ethan, just having fun!