Cristina Rodriguez of Braustin Mobile Homes

Over the last few months, as Braustin has grown and expanded, we’ve steadily added to our team in order to continue offering an excellent customer experience to our home buyers.

This week we’re proud to introduce Cristina Rodriguez, who heads up operations at the New Braunfels Virtual Outpost in H-E-B.

Cristina was born in Guanajuato, Mexico and immigrated with her family to San Antonio, TX at the age of five.

Cristina began working as a server in a small café at the age of sixteen while attending high school. The youngest in her family of seven, Cristina says, “My parents always taught all of us to be very independent.”

Aside from her clumsiness, Cristina learned valuable skills working in the restaurant industry, namely, “How to talk to people. How to be patient with people. How to take other people’s day into consideration.”

Moving on from restaurant service, Cristina shifted gears completely and began working at a wood shop, cleaning up and organizing for the shop’s carpenters.

“Eventually some of the guys that worked there needed help and I ended up learning carpentry,” she says, and, from there, “I dove into the construction business,” where she became a general contractor working residential, commercial, remodeling, and carpentry jobs.

“Being so young and being a woman in that industry can be very hard. It was also taking a bit of a toll on my body so I thought I would change fields before it got any worse.” Aside from reducing hardship on her body, Cristina’s mother needed a surgery, which the sale of her tools helped to pay for.

The need of a change in career led her back to the restaurant industry. “I was hosting for a restaurant named Rosario’s and from there I was recruited by Alberto [Braustin’s co-founder and CEO].”

Which brings us to Cristina’s current position at the Virtual Outpost in New Braunfels. When asked what attracted her to begin working in the mobile home industry, she says, “I love to learn new things and I love to help people.”

In the Virtual Outpost, Cristina guides potential home buyer’s through the different experiences and options—from the augmented reality floorplans to the virtual reality home tours—answering what questions she can and connecting folks to the San Antonio based sales team for those she can’t.

Cristina and family celebrating a birthday!

Working for Braustin, Cristina has learned about the mobile home industry essentially from scratch, but what she has learned has impassioned her to share it with as many people as possible.

“We rented an apartment for a really long time, like 4 or 5 years, and we didn’t even know that this whole other field was an option,” she says, referring to her family’s first few years in America. “If we had been more educated in this industry in particular, I feel like my parent’s would have had a lot more opportunities.”

Cristina says she is looking forward to growing with Braustin as we all work to help families achieve their dream of home ownership.

That’s it for today! Be on the lookout as we continue to introduce our new team members over the coming weeks.