New deck added to a mobile home

Because You want a Home, not a Headache

An end loader doing grading work on a lot
A dump truck dumping dirt on a lot
a lot with grading work complete in preparation of placing a mobile home on the lot

We like to say we offer “turnkey houses.” In other words, after you decide the home you want, the next thing you need to do with the home is “turn the key” on the lock and walk right in to your new home. A lot of the homes we install are on virgin land, so it does not matter if you are putting your home where there used to be a home, or if you are starting from scratch, we can make getting your home an easy experience.

Some of the things we can handle for you are:

  1. Site Preparation – grading, driveway, etc.
  2. Utility Hookups – Electric, water, sewer/septic, gas, etc.
  3. House Delivery and Setup
  4. Air Conditioning Install
  5. Decks, Carports, & Outbuildings

It is really easy for us to get everything setup for you because we handle setting up people’s homes so often that we spent a lot of time creating a streamlined process to make it all happen. Why should you go through the hard work when it is easy for us to do it for you?

So it does not matter if you are moving into an existing mobile home park or if you are finally getting a home on your ranch,consider it a done deal. If you want to see what it is like getting a home installed, take a look below.

If you have land, check out our Tru Homes and give us a call today. If you want samples of our “inclusive” land and home packages, take a look at some options below (please call for all of the details on the below packages). These packages do qualify for FHA – USDA – VA financing.

Then comes the truck with Your New Home!! We move it from the factory to your property.

manufactured homes in a lot waiting to be delivered
a lot with grading work complete in preparation of placing a mobile home on the lot

Now comes the tricky part. We park your new home right where you want it. Note the tight corner we can get around.

A double wide home being moved into position

Now we bring the pieces together and make them one home.

Now you can SMILE!