Jeff Serafin with spouse

Meet Jeff Serafin

Recently the Braustin team expanded again, bringing into our fold marketing expert Jeff Serafin.  As a dealership completing 70% of sales entirely online and over the phone, Jeff is a key ingredient in spreading the word about Braustin to families searching for a trustworthy company to guide them through the home buying process.

Jeff first engaged in the mobile home industry several years ago while working for a marketing firm that represented another mobile home company. During that time, Jeff met Alberto Piña, the co-founder of Braustin Mobile Homes.  They kept in touch after job changes at the close of 2016.

“I remember talking to Alberto at the end of 2016 as he wondered what he was going to do next.” Jeff says, “I am grateful Alberto decided to start Braustin Mobile Homes… I see this company making a difference in people’s lives by helping them achieve the American dream of homeownership.”

Jeff graduated in 1997 with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree majoring in Production Operations Management. He received his first sales and marketing experience while working for General Electric, reluctantly dragged along with the company’s sales representatives to visit customers.

“I remember traveling throughout the US, visiting I don’t remember how many customers, learning about the sales and marketing process while sitting there right in front of customers. I learned a lot while at GE and received excellent mentorship while on that team.”

However, business is not Jeff’s only work experience.  He received his Master of Divinity in 2009 and became ordained in May of the same year.  “I pastored a church for several years, but a series of events led me to self-funded ministry, where I can exercise my business talents during the weekdays and help people during the rest of my time,” Jeff says.

Jeff acknowledges some people believe selling mobile homes is inconsistent with pastoral life, but says, “If Braustin were a normal mobile home company, I would agree, but Braustin is different. The whole team focuses on helping people first, and the paycheck is a by-product of what we do. Often, people pay less a month owning a Braustin mobile home than renting, making paychecks go further. Living in a home for several years creates stability in families, which is shown to benefit children while they grow up. Stable families lead to stable communities.  That means we move from ‘selling a mobile home’ to a noble mission of changing communities through affordable housing. Who doesn’t want to be a part of something as great as improving our communities?”

What exactly is Jeff’s role at Braustin? “I just make sure people hear Braustin’s message. I help get the word out that when you are ready for a new home, Braustin will treat you honestly, respectfully, and faithfully.  If we weren’t the best place to buy your next home, I wouldn’t work here,” Jeff says.

Jeff has proven to be another great addition to the Braustin team, and we’re happy to finally share him with you.

Welcome to the team, Jeff!