Here is the fastest way to choose your dream home on our website.

Most people start by deciding if they want a Single Wide or Double Wide home.  Not sure?  You can choose “all homes” or decide after reading this Blog Post on Single Wide versus Double Wide Homes.

If you know a brand you want, but you are not sure if you want a single or double wide, you can also choose “All Homes” then choose the brand you want.

When you get to one of the pages that shows a list of homes, choose as many or as few filter options as you want.  Every time you make a choice, you will see a blue box with a circle showing you the filter is processing.  Each additional choice you make will filter faster because there are less homes to go through.

  1. Bedrooms (Please note some homes have a standard number of bedrooms with an alternate layout with additional bedrooms.  The filter takes into account both layouts.)
  2. Bathrooms = All of our bathrooms are “full” bathrooms with a shower and tub.
  3. Level = Economy, mid-range, or luxury.  All of our homes are built quality meaning the manufacturers build a house that will last you as long as you maintain the home and they strive to deliver the home “defect free.”  Some homes have nicer features, options, and building materials.  Economy homes are good family homes, and the homes only get nicer from there.
  4. Manufacturer = If you know what manufacturer is your preference, you can make sure you only look at homes from this manufacturer.
  5. Base Price = This is the price of the home before upgrades, delivery, and site work.  You can move the two sliders to choose a minimum and maximum price.  You can get an estimated price for your home (excluding site work) on the individual home pages.  You will pay more than the base price, so leave room in your budget for the upgrades, delivery, and site work.
  6. Square Feet = A lot of people have a target range for how big they want their house.  You can move the two sliders to choose a minimum and maximum square footage.  Please note, they layout is as important as the raw square footage because some layouts meet the needs of your family more efficiently than others.  Most people will not use this filter.

When you narrow down your list, be sure to look at the layout and go through the walk-though (when available).  When you realize you have a question, give us a call.  We will answer your questions without any pressure to buy something.  We are always happy to help you out.