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Episode 27: Impact Hub Austin

   Ashley: “Forget new billion-dollar tech startups, the real unicorns in today’s economy may be the mid-priced single-family homes that a cross-section buyer can actually afford. No segment of the housing market has so many potential buyers, just no scalable solutions.” Mousetrap: So, today we head north on thirty-five to visit with Ashley Philips over at […]

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Episode 26: 1 Year Anniversary Edition – What’s in Store for 2018?

Episode 26: 1 Year Anniversary Edition – What’s in Store for 2018? Hey look, it’s the Doublewide Dudes! Mousetrap: Alright alright. Welcome back to another episode of the Doublewide Dudes. The first one of 2018. It feels good to be back. AP:  It does it does. Happy new year to our audience we have reached […]

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Four Leaf Properties community pond

Episode 25: Four Leaf Properties – Inside The Modern Mobile Home Park

Episode 25: Four Leaf Properties – Inside The Modern Mobile Home Park Mike: Hi. This is Mike Callaghan from Four Leaf Properties. We’re a manufactured housing, owner, and operator. We own about 8,000 spaces across the US, mainly in four states, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Texas. Mousetrap: Today we travel to Chicago, Illinois to talk […]

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Episode 24: Loop 107 Burgers

Episode 24: Loop 107 Burgers: Transcript AP: How you doing? Mousetrap: I’m good. How are you? AP: Good. Trina: Hello. Hi, I’m Trina: Nice to meet you. AP: Alberto, good to meet you. Trina: How are you doing? AP: Good. Trina: Do you want to try something? AP: Oh, yeah. Trina: The menu is right […]

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Volunteer crew setting up a home

Episode 23: Tiny Homes – Big Impact

Photo Credit: Build Us Hope Episode 23: Tiny Homes – Big Impact: TranscriptNews Anchor:There’s an ambitious new project that broke ground in Phoenix this past weekend. Area nonprofits along with students from Arizona State University are building affordable high quality tiny homes for veterans experiencing homelessness, mental illness or other disabilities. The goal is to […]

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Episode 22: Special Edition – Interview with DJ Pendelton

Interview with DJ PendeltonExecutive Director of the TMHA: Texas Manufactured Housing Association Mousetrap: Mousetrap here, thanks for tuning in to this special edition of the Doublewide Dudes. We’re here at the Texas Manufactured Housing Association convention out here in Dallas. Just a heads up, this it’s going to be a little bit longer episode than […]

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Episode 21: Family Experiences – The Acuna Family

Mousetrap: Well, all right, all right. Welcome back to another episode of Doublewide Dudes. This is going to be the third part on our Family Experiences series. But since the last time we spoke to you guys, Hurricane Harvey hit pretty hard on the Texas coast AP. AP: Yeah. It was pretty devastating. They’re saying […]

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EPISODE 20: Family Experiences – The Gomez Family

Hey look it’s the Doublewide Dudes. Mousetrap: Alright welcome back to another episode of Doublewide Dudes. This is going to be another segment of the family experiences. In the short series where we’re interviewing families that bought a mobile home to share their experiences. Yeah before we get into that you’re finally back on the […]

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New Mobile Home behind trees

EPISODE 19: Family Experiences – The Chavez Family

Pic: Chavez home on move-in day. Episode 19: Transcript Mousetrap: Alright, alright welcome back to another episode of Doublewide Dude’s. Or I should say dude on this one. I’m going to be tackling this episode alone. AP couldn’t make it. Tell you a little bit about my day, just got back from the jitsu. I’m […]

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Two men trimming out a mobile home

EPISODE 18: Home Buying Process – What to Expect from Closing to Move In

Episode 18: Transcript Mouse Trap: Alright, alright! Welcome back to another episode of Double Wide Dudes. This one is going to be the last one on the home buying process. In this series, we’ve tried to cover everything from start to finish AP. I know in one of the earlier episodes we were talking about […]

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Best Price Garunteed

The Braustin Best Price Guarantee could bring you $500.00!

If you find a better price out there on a matching model we carry, ask them to put in writing and give you their card. Prove us wrong and we’ll match that price PLUS throw in a $500 gift card as our way of saying thank you for helping us be the most price competitive manufactured home dealer in South Texas.