Doublewide Dudes Podcast cover with Bart Cochran of Leap Charities

What Are Community Land Trusts and How Do They Create Affordable Housing?

This episode we are joined by Bart Cochran, founder and CEO of LEAP Housing. LEAP Housing is a nonprofit dedicated to developing and the preservation of affordable housing up there in Idaho. And they provide all sorts of services that lead to greater housing stability in their community. Intro: Hey look, it’s the Double Wide […]

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Doublewide Dudes Podcast with Jane Paccione of Collective Impact

Unique Affordable Housing Challenges for Aging Adults and People with Disabilities

This week we explore affordable housing issues unique to aging adults and folks with disabilities. We talked with Jane Paccione, Director of Collective Impact at the San Antonio Area Foundation. Her primary assignment at the foundation is managing the SALSA initiative (Successfully Aging and Living in San Antonio) which helps over 40 community nonprofits work […]

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Leilah Powell podcast cover

How LISC works to impact Affordable Housing and Healthy Communities

This week, we chat with Leilah Powell, the Executive Director of LISC in San Antonio, about what LISC does locally and nationally to support communities through affordable housing and other programs. LISC’s Mission is “Together with residents and partners, we forge resilient and inclusive communities of opportunity across America–great places to live, work, visit, do […]

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Doublewide Dude Podcast TSAHC Thumbnail

TSAHC’s Opportunities for Homeowners – Even We Were Surprised at What’s Available!

In this podcast, we talked with, Joniel LeVecque and Michael Wilt, from the Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation. They have lots of products available to help folks get into affordable homes, and the best news is, they have stuff that the average person will qualify for. The following transcript has been lightly edited for clarity […]

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Vero Soto

Affordable Housing Challenges and Opportunities in San Antonio

We sat down with Veronica Soto, the San Antonio Neighborhood and Housing Services Department Director. The below transcription was lightly edited for clarity purposes. Intro: Hey look, it’s the Doublewide Dudes. Alberto Piña: Alright, Alright. Welcome back to another episode of the Doublewide Dudes. Today, we’ve got a guest from the city of San Antonio, […]

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Thumbnail for the interview with Dr Christine Plauche

Towne Twin Village – a Housing First Solution

San Antonio is about to get its first “housing first” solution. What is “housing first,” how is it different, and most importantly, does it work? Join us as we talk about Towne Twin Village with Dr. Chris Plauche. This transcript has been lightly edited for clarity purposes. Intro: Hey look, it’s the Doublewide Dudes. Alberto […]

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Thumbnail for Doublewide Dudes Last Mousetrap Episode

Looking Back Over 4 Years with the Doublewide Dudes – Mousetrap’s Last Ride

Mauricio Chacra (a.k.a. Mousetrap) has been helping on our podcast for the last almost four years. Mauricio is taking a break from the Doublewide Dudes to focus on some other things for a time, so he and Alberto took the opportunity to look back over the last four years. The following transcript has been lightly […]

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Doublewide Dudes Logo

About San Antonio’s May 1st Proposition A Referendum

Most of the headlines on the May 1st referendums have been on Proposition B concerning the San Antonio Police. It seems like Proposition A is getting lost in the conversation, and since it touches on affordable housing, a subject near and dear to our hearts, we wanted to share our perspective. What is Proposition A? […]

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Sustainable Communities through Lean Urbanism Podcast with Brian Falk

Lean Urbanism and Why Small Steps are Necessary for Urban Change

This week we interviewed Brian Falk. Brian is the Director of the Project for Lean Urbanism and the Center for Applied Transect Studies. He Co-edited the Transect Urbanism: Readings in Human Ecology and Lean Code Tool: Incremental Zoning Repair. Brian also lectures internationally on the topic of Lean Urbanism and offers technical assistance to municipalities. Here is the […]

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Impacts of Inadequate Affordable Housing

We connected with Becky Gray of Chaffee County, Colorado, to talk about the impacts a lack of sustainable housing has on a community. Gray is the Director of Housing in Chaffee County and a graduate of both Rogers State University and Pittsburg State University. The below transcript has been lightly edited for clarity purposes. Intro: […]

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