manufactured homes in a lot waiting to be delivered

Potential mobile home buyers are often curious about purchasing a stock unit over a custom ordered factory home.  Many folks think of stock homes as a bargain and assume they are always sold at a discount.

Stock mobile homes are just another way of saying “model homes.”  Retail centers purchase stock model homes to provide a variety of inventory to show potential home buyers different home sizes and floorplans.

While there are both pros and cons to buying a stock mobile home, savings are not always a guarantee. In today’s blog we’ll discuss what to think about when deciding on a stock mobile home for you and your family.

Can You Save Money on a Stock Mobile Home?

Many retailers advertise stock homes as a discounted version of a custom order factory home, but the truth is often the other way around.

Along with the delivery and set up costs on the sales center, there are additional fees associated with keeping and maintaining a stock model home to show home buyers (which is one of the reasons we choose to keep only a small physical inventory, utilizing augmented and virtual reality instead).

This means that very rarely can a stock home be sold at a savings to a home buyer unless the retail center is willing to take a loss in order to move out that inventory, typically at the end of the year when the sales center wants to make room for the next year’s new models.

So, while there is the potential for savings, do your research and compare prices before settling on a stock unit. It may or may not be a great deal.

Stock Models are Ready for Immediate Delivery

Aside from saving money, potential home buyers may be in a position where they want or need a home as soon as possible. The biggest upside of a stock mobile home is that it can be delivered immediately.

While manufacturers have varying build times, ranging from a week all the way to eight weeks, stock homes are completely built and ready to deliver to a home site.

For a home buyer who is happy with the chosen options and upgrades or likes the speedy timeline of delivery, a stock model can be a great choice.

Talk it Over with Your Family

Buying a home is always an important decision. Make sure everyone involved in the purchase of your new home is included in that decision.

Weigh the pros and cons of buying a stock mobile home, comparing pricing, timelines, and, ultimately, your family’s contentment before rushing into your purchase. Remember, you’re buying a home and you will want to love it for years to come.