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Will My Mobile Home Depreciate?

The short answer is, “Generally, no.” But, it is not always that simple. Have you ever driven off the lot in a brand-new car with mixed feelings? On one hand you have serotonin and endorphins rushing through your veins, as you are filled with excitement about the purchase that you’ve made! While on the other […]

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Porch and Deck Combo

How to Find Your Perfect Mobile Home Porch: Style, Size, and Cost

The Bryant family just moved into their new mobile home, and one of their favorite places to enjoy is none other than their front porch. When the Bryant’s have family or friends over, they like to enjoy the weather with a drink during the day and watch the stars glimmer at night. During the summer […]

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Field with Old building on top of a hill

3 Options for Buying Land with Your Mobile Home

Have you ever wanted a little piece of America all to yourself, cutting out the typical close neighbors, traffic, and noise? For many folks, this dream is the ultimate goal! Of course, with anything worth having, there is always the challenge of deciding which route to take in order to hit goal. In this case, […]

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What Does It Mean to Be the Nation’s 1st Virtual Home Dealership?

In the beginning stages of Braustin Homes, we started without a physical location. Our goal was to introduce new technology that allowed us to help people buy a home, even hundreds of miles away, without ever having to visit the dealership. But how are we different from everyone else in the industry? Spoiler Alert: because […]

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Are Mobile Homes Safe in Storms? Let’s Be Honest.

The answer is YES and no. Probably not what you wanted to hear, but let’s talk about why. (Spoiler: It has more to do with WHEN the home was built than what type of home it is.) To state the obvious, weather happens. Pleasant weather, bad weather, unexpected weather, and sometimes even damaging weather. It’s […]

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2020 Year End Recap slide with Braustin Employees celebrating and fireworks in the background

Happy New Year!

We just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year in the below video. I think we are all ready to welcome 2021!

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Merry Christmas from Braustin Homes team photo

Happy Holidays from Braustin

We just wanted to wish you Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Below are some videos we made, just for fun!

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From Tiny to Supersized & Everything in Between: Mobile Home Sizes

Did you know, that houses are similar to people? That’s kind of an odd comparison – isn’t it? But if you think about it, houses have different personalities from one to the next, and they come in all different shapes and sizes, even mobile homes! That’s right, mobile homes aren’t just one standard size! In […]

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Schult mobile home model Newport exterior view 1

Pros and Cons of Buying Mobile Homes

We are ABSOLUTELY ecstatic about mobile homes! So much so – that at this point we live, breathe, and sleep all things mobile homes, but we can also admit that they are not for everybody… THAT’S RIGHT – we said it, no bias here. Okay… maybe just a little… but transparent, nonetheless. When it comes […]

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Schult mobile home model Savannah exterior view day rendering

Top 5 Largest Mobile Homes for Sale

Do you have a really big family or maybe you are just finding it hard to host guests comfortably within your home? Let’s get rid of some of that unwanted stress and chat about our top 5 largest mobile homes! These are huge homes at various price points, so whether you need to maximize your […]

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