Tape and textured wall with window and door

What is a Tape-and-Texture Wall Finish?

Recently we went over the VOG (vinyl-over-gypsum) wall type available in mobile homes. In this blog, we will look at the alternative tape-and-texture wall type and cover what are the benefits of this wall option. Tape-and-texture walls are one of the most common wall finishes in site-built homes. To achieve this finish, raw drywall is […]

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Chris Martinez

Meet Chris Martinez : Braustin’s “Meet the Team” Series

We’ve been busy at Braustin expanding our team to make sure we can continue providing an excellent customer experience to our new home buyers. This week we’d like to introduce Chris Martinez, our newest member of the Braustin sales team. Though his story is touched with sadness, it’s one many of us can relate to […]

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VOG Wall

What is a VOG Wall?

Today we are talking about one of the most common wall types used in mobile homes, known as vinyl-over-gypsum, or VOG, as we’ll refer to it today. Another wall finish available in mobile homes is what is known as “tape-and-texture” which we’ll discuss more in a separate blog. Above: A video comparing tape-and-texture walls with […]

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Braustin’s 2019 Recap

Braustin’s 2019 Recap

2019 is coming to an end and before we move full speed ahead with progress in 2020, we at Braustin want to first reflect on our third year as a business and take a moment to thank our wonderful customers! This year was a wild ride and we have been amazed by the growth in […]

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Cristina Rodriguez of Braustin Mobile Homes

Meet Cristina Rodriguez : Braustin’s “Meet the Team” Series

Over the last few months, as Braustin has grown and expanded, we’ve steadily added to our team in order to continue offering an excellent customer experience to our home buyers. This week we’re proud to introduce Cristina Rodriguez, who heads up operations at the New Braunfels Virtual Outpost in H-E-B. Cristina was born in Guanajuato, […]

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manufactured homes in a lot waiting to be delivered

Buying a Stock Mobile Home

Potential mobile home buyers are often curious about purchasing a stock unit over a custom ordered factory home.  Many folks think of stock homes as a bargain and assume they are always sold at a discount. Stock mobile homes are just another way of saying “model homes.”  Retail centers purchase stock model homes to provide […]

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Christmas tree in a mobile home living room

Decorating Your Mobile Home for Christmas

This year is quickly coming to an end, but before we bring in the new year, it’s time to deck the halls and celebrate Christmas! This time of year can be so much fun, but mobile home owners may find that they lack inspiration for incorporating the elaborate Christmas decorations from Hallmark movie specials and […]

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Art of Improvement Podcast Logo

Alberto Piña on the Art of Improvement Podcast

Transcript Karen Clauss:                Coming up this week, we talked to Alberto Piña, CEO of Braustin Mobile Homes. We’ll talk about how he worked with his brother and how they change people’s lives with their business. Our conversation with Alberto Piña coming up next on The Art of Improvement. Giovanni Marotta:         Welcome to The Art of […]

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Approved Mortgage loan agreement application with key on house shaped keyring

What is an Owner Financed Home Loan?

Owner financing is where the current homeowner becomes the lender to a buyer purchasing land or a land and home together.  As with all forms of financing, there are pros and cons to owner financing. When Does Owner Financing Make Sense? Owner financing is often more about the seller than the buyer.  The top concern […]

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Three young adults on a ropes course

Buying a Home Should be Like Ropes Courses, Not Poker

Ropes Courses and Home Buying When I was younger, I had a chance to take kids on ropes courses (we called them COPE courses).  These would be those challenge courses that ended thirty or more feet up in the air, standing on narrow platforms, and walking on ropes to cross to other platforms.  While some […]

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