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How Has COVID-19 Affected Your Future Mobile Home Purchase?

You may have heard, because of COVID-19, we are living in “unprecedented times.” Like everything else, the Manufactured Housing Industry (i.e. mobile home builders and dealers) has seen things we have never seen before. It has been a crazy ride so far this year. If you are shopping for a mobile home, we thought you […]

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Purchasing Land for a Mobile Home – How Do I Find the Right Land?

10 Questions to Ask About Your Future Land If you hopped onto a real estate website right now, you would most likely see dozens or even hundreds of properties for sale in your area. These properties may run the gamut from a modest quarter acre all the way to a giant ranch. Location, layout of […]

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Top 8 Manufactured Home Communities in San Antonio – 2020

A Review of the Best Mobile Home Parks in San Antonio, Texas (An Update for 2020) In the past 20 years, our city has seen a dramatic increase in the quality of mobile home communities in and around San Antonio. Mobile home community owners have really taken it upon themselves to improve their locations. There […]

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Clayton Farm House Bobby Jo kitchen

Single Wide Mobile Home Pricing: Cost of Delivery, Factory, and Upgrades

Today we are talking price on single wide mobile homes! Single wides have come a long way in the last decade in terms of flow and design, making them look better and feel larger than they ever did before. As we look at costs, remember there are some costs that can only be determined by […]

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TRU Homes Jubilation Manufactured Home exterior rendering

Double Wide Mobile Homes: Costs for Homes, Upgrades, and Installation

How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Double Wide Mobile Home? That’s a great question. First, let’s cover a couple of “house keeping” items. If you were hoping to understand the cost of a double wide including land, utilities, and extra buildings, you may want to read our post “How Much is a Mobile […]

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How Much is a Mobile Home?

A new three-bedroom, two-bathroom mobile home installed will typically cost between $40,000 to $160,000 not including land, site work, or additional structures. You can buy homes for a little less, and you can always find someone willing to sell you a home for more. If you are putting your home in a mobile home park, […]

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Site Preparation for a Mobile Home: What It Means and Why it Matters

Site Inspections, Contractors, and What to Expect on Delivery Day We talked about the most important aspects to consider when purchasing a piece of property for your mobile home / manufactured home, and today, we want to cover what happens after you buy the land before it is ready for delivery of your new home. […]

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How to Keep from Losing $575 Every Year to Your Utility Company

Energy efficient homes mean you protect your money from the electric company just because you were smart when choosing the options for your home. When you buy an energy efficient mobile home, not only do you save every month on your utility bills, but you get a more comfortable house. When you have the choice, […]

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Danilo Collins

What It’s Like to Work at Braustin – An Intern’s Perspective

We asked our fabulous intern, Danilo, to share with you his experience at Braustin so far. We are thrilled to work with him over the summer and expect great things for Danilo in the future. Enjoy what he has to share. I’ve been interning here at Braustin Homes for about a month. In that time, […]

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Clayton Aimee Manufactured Home Kitchen and Pantry

Is Now the Right to Buy a Mobile Home?

We have talked to a lot of people looking at mobile homes who are not quite ready to pull the trigger on buying the home because they are honestly scared about the future. We understand being scared, after all, we are living with COVID-19 right alongside of you. Since we sell mobile home, yes, we […]

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